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From Graphic Designer to UBER Driver

I started Bondi Seven Gym Wear because I was frustrated. Frustrated that I could never find Men's Gym Wear that fits and make my body look the way I knew it could.

You know the feeling. You try on a t-shirt or a tank top and it just doesn't look flattering on you at all. I know that feeling.

So what to do? Keep ordering online or going to shops to see if you can find something that finally makes you look good? Well I've done all the hard yards for you. I tried and tested different cuts, styles and materials to find the perfect Gym Clothes for Men.

I wanted it to be moisture wicking (dry fit), but still have the feel of a soft cotton t-shirt. From all reports, I think I've achieved it

I had the perfect focus group. My 20 or so friends at my gym. I have friends that are all shapes and sizes. From small guys who just look like they joined a gym, to big muscular guys who have been training for years. And everyone in between.

As a Graphic Designer and former Personal Trainer with many years of experience, I knew I had the skills to design every aspect of the perfect gym wear. From the perfect cuts, using the perfect materials with the perfect designs. Just know that every aspect of this men's workout wear has been meticulously planned.

But it hasn't come easy. I spent over a year going back and forth with manufacturers, suppliers and everyone else in between.

I drove Uber at night, whilst I worked on my gym wear business during the day. My social life with family and friends was virtually shut down for over a year. A lot of sacrifices have been made.

I think the average person would have quit a long time ago, when you see all the hurdles and challenges that you come up against with designing and manufacturing gym wear.

I love designing men's gym clothes though, and will continue to launch products with different styles and cuts based on feedback from you the customer.

To launch this brand was a dream come true, but it will only work if you the customer love it just as much as I do.

I hope you do.

Head Honcho
Bondi Seven Gym Wear

★★★★★ Reviews

Not sure why our customers love us so much.

16 reviews
Tee and singy

Better quality than expected,perfect fit.you guys should make a few different designs,the tee and singlet are sick.


Perfect singlets great fitting

Great Gym T-Shirt

Bondi seven T-shirts are a good fit, breathe easily and comfortable. Best T-shirt that I have. All we need now is new designs so that I can wear a different style each day

Tank Top

Received my tank top and was amazed at how fast it was sent out to me. The Tank fits perfectly and is light and cool. shows off my guns and am very pleased with it.